Human centric lighting

A school of fish moves effortlessly and in complete harmony with nature, with individual fish continuously making small decisions in response to the actions of their immediate neighbours and the environment. Each fish is smart enough to operate independently, yet is part of an elegantly flexible system of Distributed Intelligence that solves complex problems easily within the need for centralised control.

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A single sensor can solve a diverse set of problems

Inspired by this idea, Organic Response has developed a completely wireless "plug & play" lighting control system that allows each individual luminaire to make lighting decisions based on the presence of occupants in its immediate vicinity, ambient light levels, and information it recieves from its neighbouring luminaires. It then contribues information back to the luminaire community, so other luminaires can also make more informed lighting decisions. Although they make deicions individually, the Distributed Intelligence architecture means all the lights in the space act as a coordinated community. At the heart of this uniquely flexible system is the Sensor Node, which is integrated into each luminaire during assembly. Once it is Organic Response-enabled, the luminaire transforms into an intelligent light, ready to adapt and respond to the needs of its users.

Adapt to the most complex fit-out

The system architecture allows for unlimited flexibility in adapting to the lighting control demands of the most modern tenancy fitout.

Unlocking the Internet of Things

In an Organic Response-enabled workspace, the Sensor Nodes constantly collect, store and communicate data about occupancy, luminaire performance and energy consumption. The rich data set that is created can be shared with other building systems, or integrated building networks, through the simple integration. Industry standard building protocols provide simply integration into the smart building ecosystem. Equally, data can be made available to the Organic Response cloud-hosted software platform, The OR Portal, where a data analytics engine can generate deeper workplace insights.



Enabling Powerful Data INSIGHTS

The Portal is a simple yet provides powerful cloud-based data insights and lighting control platform, capturing the rich data stream available from the smart sensor network to provide valuable insights, including:

  • Centralised view of portfolio wide assets

  • Real-time visibility of current utilisation and performance

  • Detailed historial performance for trend analysis of Space Utilisation

  • Enterprise-level data security via encryption both in transport (128bit AES, TLS) and storage (Amazon AWS IoT).

  • On-going system status monitoring with fault monitoring and emailed fault notifications

  • Highly scalable

  • Automatic over-the-air updates

  • Time-based scheduling for fine control over your buildings lighting

  • BACnet Integration (BACnet is a Building Management System protocol)

  • Automated Emergency Light Monitoring and Test with emailed fault or failure notifications